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If you have questions or comments, or suggestions, please send an email to 2025@k-state.edu.

2025: A Visionary Plan for BBIN电子

Our university strategic plan describes our institutional aspirations and goals for K-State in 2025. The result of an eighteen-month planning process involving hundreds of K-Staters, the plan builds off our collective history as a public land-grant institution, describes a clear vision for 2025 and identifies strategic directions to help us get there.

A university strategic plan is never done — it evolves as the university adapts to changing circumstances. Follow our progress as we move together to realize our future!

Latest News

K-State 2025 plan update imageUpdating our university K-State 2025 Plan

We are updating our K-State 2025 Visionary Plan, having completed the first five years of the fifteen year plan.  Learn about this effort and share your suggestions and ideas for changes as we adjust our path to 2025.


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Our Goals and Accomplishments

Seven specific goals formulate the foundation of K-State's 2025 visionary plan. These goals are supported by eight common elements, including diversity, international, sustainability, communications and marketing, external constituents, culture, funding, and technology.

Learn more about our goals, latest news, activities and accomplishments below.
Research, Scholarly and Creative Activities, and Discovery
Undergraduate Educational Experience
Graduate Scholarly Experience
Engagement, Extension, Outreach, and Service
Faculty and Staff
Facilities and Infrastructure

Visionary Goal

By 2025, BBIN电子 will be recognized as one of the nation's Top 50 Public Research Universities.