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Sustainability Planning

Sustainability plays an important role in our future as recognized by the inclusion of sustainability as one our seven K-State 2025 “common elements”. As a public land-grant university, K-State has long had a role to develop and share knowledge to assist society in meeting the grand sustainability challenges of the times.

Sustainability principles touch all areas of the university mission, including research, curriculum, student life, operations, and engagement. To further advance university sustainability efforts, a K-State 2025 Sustainability Strategic Planning Committee was charged during Fall 2013 to develop a comprehensive K-State 2025 sustainability strategic action plan. 

The draft plan was released to the K-State community for comment during Spring 2014 and finalized during the summer. Sustainability is a long-term challenge to the world well beyond 2025, but this plan frames where we can focus our efforts as a university during the next decade.
Final K-State 2025 Sustainability Strategic Action Plan, August 2014  (PDF)
Letter to Campus from Provost Mason, August 27, 2014
Comments on Draft Plan, May 2014
Draft K-State 2025 Sustainability Strategic Action Plan, April 2014  (PDF)
Letter to Campus from Provost Mason, April 11, 2014
Letter to Campus from Provost Mason, September 3, 2013