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Office of Institutional Effectiveness

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Office of Institutional Effectiveness
202 Anderson Hall

Office of Institutional Effectiveness

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness supports the university in its academic and administrative missions through its data-based contributions to decision making and continuous improvement and enrichment programs for the university.

On the administrative side, the office provides support through:

  • Utilizing internal and external data resources to provide evidence for data-driven decision making,
  • Using K-State 2025 and other metrics to track university performance relative to peers,
  • Assisting in the evaluation and professional development of university leaders, and
  • Monitoring all facets and levels of accreditation, as well as other compliance issues to maintain the quality of all programs in the university.

On the academic side, the office:

  • facilitates development and award opportunities for faculty,
  • provides guidance and feedback on the assessment of student learning for all units,
  • participates in decisions and manages the budget to equip classrooms with basic instructional technology,
  • manages the budget and marketing for summer school offerings,
  • provides data reports and analysis to assist departments and colleges with student success.