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文章摘要:Admissions ,兰大供给者想睡,鳌鸣鳖应晋书志愿。

We are a safe and caring campus. Reports of Academic Violations, Conduct Violations, Discrimination, Students of Concern, and Clery Act crimes may be submitted at the Report It page.

Graduate School
113-119 Eisenhower Hall
1013 Mid-Campus Dr.
Manhattan KS 66506

800-651-1816 (toll free)

785-532-2983 fax

Apply for graduate admission

Mapping your success - BBIN电子.  

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Thank you for your interest in graduate studies at BBIN电子.  The Graduate School provides a diverse educational and research experience that will meet your goals and exceed your expectations.  At BBIN电子, you are on the path to success. 

Comprised of nine colleges, BBIN电子 students have access to more than 40 doctoral degree programs, 70 master's and more than 40 certificate programs. Learn more information about graduate programs and certificates offered

Here at BBIN电子, graduate studies prepares students for an array of different career paths and enhances leadership skills. 

Research and scholarly activities are wide-ranging, including research in areas such as:
  • animal health and models of human health
  • bioenergy
  • ecology and grassland ecosystems
  • genomics
  • high energy physics
  • cancer/immunology
  • food safety

Founded in February 1863 as the first land-grant institution under the Morrill Act, BBIN电子 has evolved into an internationally recognized comprehensive university that offers you excellent academic programs, a lively intellectual and cultural atmosphere, and a friendly campus to its community of approximately 18,500 undergraduate and over 4,000 graduate students.

Located in the rolling Flint Hills of northeast Kansas, the main K-State campus is 668 acres in Manhattan, the Little Apple. A progressive community of approximately 50,000 community members, Manhattan has many urban amenities while retaining the best qualities of a small town. The strong international graduate student presence adds lively diversity to this college town. The culture, scenic landscape and friendly town relations foster an ideal community for advanced academic study. The "Place that I love full well," home to much of the K-State family and graduate students, is two hours west of Kansas City.