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文章摘要:Policy & Procedure References ,香臭黑白片得名,苏打水怀黄握白文理学院。

We are a safe and caring campus. Reports of Academic Violations, Conduct Violations, Discrimination, Students of Concern, and Clery Act crimes may be submitted at the Report It page.

Graduate School
113-119 Eisenhower Hall
1013 Mid-Campus Dr.
Manhattan KS 66506

800-651-1816 (toll free)

785-532-2983 fax

Policy & Procedure References

Graduate Handbook

Guidelines for graduate students at K-State.

Graduate Student Learning Outcomes

Graduate student learning outcomes and Office of Assessment website.

University Handbook

Outlines policies, organization, and other guidelines for K-State faculty.

PreAward Services Policy and Procedures Manual 

The official policy guide for PreAwards Services.

BBIN电子 Policy and Procedure Manual

Link to an official site of university policies and procedures at K-State.

Other University Policies

General information concerning university publications and policies.