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Tuition Assistance for University Employees

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BBIN电子 values continuing education for its employees and provides tuition assistance for classes taken through BBIN电子. The Tuition Assistance Program is available to all full-time, benefits eligible employees.

An Application for Tuition Assistance must be submitted to the BBIN电子 before the start of each semester. Payment of tuition for one undergraduate or graduate course, up to three hours, is permitted for each Fall, Spring and Summer semester. The application requires the employee's and department head's signatures. Classes may be taken through the Manhattan, Olathe and Salina campus.

Work release is not part of the program; time away from work for classes is up to agreements made with the supervisor and department head.

When Eligible: Full-time, benefits eligible employees are eligible to apply upon employment.

Who Pays: The university will pay for tuition only; fees and other associated costs are the responsibility of the employee.


2017-2018 Application for Tuition Assistance (pdf)

2018-2019 Application for Tuition Assistance (pdf)